Prevention & Treatment of Brain / Heart syndromes
Body makes several compounds to promote clotting /thrombi, but produces primarily only one enzyme to dissolve and break down the fibrin foundation in blood clots. That thrombolytic / clot-busting, is called plasmin.  Thrombolytic enzymes reduce blood clots and hyper-coagulation, are in short supply.

Circulation becomes impaired is abnormal diet, genetic defects.  Other factors also can contribute to or trigger the hyper-coagulation of blood,
  Sedentary lifestyle
  Low antioxidant levels
  Consumption of improper fats

Many conditions might benefit from Nattokinase(NK).  It has applications in treating chronic illness and circulation problems.  NK could benefit cardiovascular and circulation problems.  Such as
1.Chronic headache
2.Chronic fatigue syndrome
3.Fibromyalgia, hypertension
5.Stroke prevention, hemorrhagic stroke, Ischemic stroke
7.Ishemic heart disease or coronary artery disease

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